Transport Services

We operate a fleet of late model equipment capable of transporting petroleum products such as Gasoline, Diesel, E-85, Kerosene, Motor Oils and Renewable Fuels such as Ethanol, Bio, Biodiesel and feedstocks such as Corn Oil and Soy Oil, just to name a few.  We also have insulated petroleum trailers that can transport those commodities requiring their temperatures to be maintained to product specifications.

Our equipment is located throughout our service area of Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and Eastern South Dakota in balance with our customer’s distribution needs.

We specialize in Fuel Inventory Management:  Our staff continually monitors the fuel markets and inventory levels to ensure your competitiveness and profitability in your marketplace.

We also offer “keep full” service to those customers who simply want to make sure they don’t run out of products.

For those customers who want to do their own ordering, we can usually fulfill all requests within 1 business day.