Wholesale Services

We provide a wholesale supply of refined fuels, oils, and lubricants to Convenience Store Owners, Co-ops, Independent Bulk Fuel Dealers, and Commercial businesses ranging from Sole Proprietorship to Fortune 500 companies, and Local, County, and State Municipalities.  We have direct relationships with all the major refineries in the area as well as branded and unbranded suppliers to give you the industry best supply supported by our Transportation Fleet.

For Marketers seeking a Jobber Partner, we offer:

Fuel Inventory Management:  Our staff continually monitors the fuel markets and inventory levels to ensure your competitiveness and

profitability in your marketplace. Completely transparent pricing model.  Prices are updated and provided to you daily. Marketing Support Tank Services and Compliance Expertise Increased buying power through supplier and vendor partnerships or many years in the petroleum industry has provided us with the expertise and relationships with our suppliers to ensure that our dedicated customers have a continual supply of products when needed during times of tight supply chain situations.